Happy Humpday!

Not the most elegant of titles, but we’re halfway to the weekend and what the heck – a little cheeky never killed anyone. =)

Fun fact about the Cart Sale event – we were the first 10L sale in Second Life way back when, and we were one of the first to consolidate all the stores into one location for the event duration. The event has grown over the years, from 10L to 50L and under and from the original actual carts to shop kiosks, but we’re still one of the best shopping values in SL. Right now, the “Let Your Soul Bloom” Spring round is in full bloom and the deals are everywhere! No matter your taste, you will find something to delight your senses and go easy on your wallet.

This round ends on April 7th, so you still have a bit of time if you haven’t visited the sim yet. Also, for you shop-a-holics out there, don’t forget to check out the array of home team stores and the Treasure Trove Gacha Yardsale areas for more great deals.

Hope to see you there and Happy Shopping!

March 2021 Round Cart Sale Info
Participating Merchants: SLurls can be found here.
Dates: March 17th to April 7th
Where: The Wash




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